All I want is a cute, nice, socially aware, sense of humor having guy…

Who has a sweet beard that he’ll let me caress and molest at any time, please.

Of course with their permission tho ;0
T-T I’d let you have an equal amount of butt touches but idk if that’s really equal trade seing as it’s a win win for both of us tbh.

We’d work that out tho.

But come on real life D: send me my wish goddammit!

ugh life beards i love beards my like for beards has severely affected my in real life attraction to dudes its a problem but i am okay with it mostly i also accept scruff

"I want that amazing love, that we don’t gotta speak cuz are eyes do it for us love. That one touch and bust love, that oooooo I love it when yu bite ya lip love. That make me wanna holler Marvin Gaye love, that turn off the lights before I start yelling like teddy kinda love.i want your love."
- HannibalX (via hannibal914)




This is bae, I’m in love.

Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake